How long ?

Psalm 70v1, Revelation 6v9-11.

A little while - John 16v16

Soon - Rev 22v20, Romans 16v20.

Patient waiting for complete victory 

Hebrews 2v7-8

1 Corinthians 15v22-24

2 Peter 3v7-15

Romans 8v18-25

Galatians 5v22-23

Romans 12v12

Revelation 13v10, 14v12

Patience in suffering -James 5v7-11

Job 7v1-3

Look up - Luke 21v10-11, v28 Psalm121v1-2, psalm 141v8.

Paul and Silas - Acts 16v23-26.

We are blessed - Jeremiah 17v5-8, Psalm 1v 1-3.

Ephesians 1v3

Psalm 16v11

Psalm 32v1-2

Psalm2v12, 57v1

Psalm 21v3, 6

Psalm 28v9 , Isaiah 46v3-4

Psalm 33v12

Psalm 34v8

Psalm 84v4-5

Bible references from Roger's talk 19 April 2020

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